You will follow PLAY > OK > NEXT BATTLE and start playing Sandcastle Unblocked game. Your castle is under fire by enemy ships. You’re going to throw stones at the cannon to neutralize enemy ships. You’ll see a declining green bar that appears in the barrel of the cannon. The rod will help you set the distance to the stone. By adjusting the distance in this way, you will download enemy ships one by one. You will see the life status of the ships from the top right corner of the screen, and you will act accordingly.

I mean, it’s not easy ! I’m gonna throw a stone, and I’m going to take the thought out of you as if I sank the ships. You’re going to have to sink the ship like this by throwing stones at the enemy you want to destroy. When you throw stones at the ship and if it hit, you will see HINT warning. Don’t suppose the ship go down with this warning ! You’re going to understand the HIT SUNK warning that you’re neutralizing the ship. Good luck…


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