Shotgun vs Zombies

Again we are here with a zombie game ! You will press the PLAY button and then enter the Shotgun vs Zombies. A, D keys or left or right arrow keys to move, W or up arrow keys to jump, X or L to shoot the zombies. You will earn $ 1 each from the zombie you kill, and you will follow the money you earn from the top left corner of the screen. Likewise, you will see the amount of life from the top left of the screen. The number of zombies you kill will be on the top right of the screen.

You will need to move quickly and carefully to kill them because you will be single and zombies are multiple. From time to time, drink the immortal elixir so that you will not be harmed by the zombies, so you will not be hurt. Once you’ve killed all the zombies, you’re going to go to the next section. It’s not easy, I wish you good luck. Good luck with…


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