Sim Taxi

You will follow the PLAY GAME > NAME GAME steps, enter the name you want to use in Sim Taxi Unblocked and then press the OK button to start the game. Your job as a cabbie is to pick up the children you see on the road from where they are. You will use the up arrow key to throttle your vehicle, and press the right arrow keys to steer the car. When you come to the place where the child waits with a taxi, the child will get into the car and you will receive another child from another station with the warning OK.

The amount of dollars you see in the top left corner of the screen will decrease and you will earn as much money as you move. Every time he hits the cab, the wrench you see in the lower right corner of the screen will become a little red. You will follow the damage situation here, you will lose the game if the key turns completely red. You have to be fast and careful. Good luck with…



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