Slush Invaders

After pressing the PLAY button, you will press the PLAY button again. Then you will start the game Slush Invaders with SKIP INTRO and OK IT at the bottom right. When you enter the game, the game may seem confused and you may not have any idea what to do.

In the game, all you have to do is throw the blue guy as far as you can. You’re gonna use a computer mouse to do that. When you hold down the SPACE key on the left or keyboard of the mouse, you will see a bar full and empty on the left side of the screen. Yes, when the bar is completely full, you will release the left or SPACE button of the mouse and then throw the blue man. In the upper left corner of the screen you will see how long the blue man’s path is. You will follow the right side of the screen while you earn points as you move through the air and on the ground. Good luck…


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