Solid Rider

You will follow the CONTINUE > PLAY GAME steps, you will choose the 1st section and you will start the game with the name of Solid Rider Unblocked with the START GAME button. Let’s not think of motor racing as motor game. Because the game is not a motor race or something, it is an acrobatics game. In other words, you will try to make movements by flipping them in the air, you will use the left and right arrow keys while the engine is in the air.

You will give the engine gas by pressing the forward direction button and you can use the reverse direction button to move the engine back. In the upper left corner of the screen you will see how long the time has passed from the beginning, the sooner you finish the game, the higher the score you will earn. To be quick and careful you have to do to pass the chapter. If you turn the engine down or fall down when you roll or cross the street, you will lose the game and continue to play where you left off. Good luck…


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