Space Invaders

When you push to start button you willl start to Game of Space Invaders Unblocked. As soon as you start the game you will see the enemies that are shooting at you in three rows. You will respond to them the same way. To do this, you will use the direction keys and SPACE button, press the direction keys to move to the right and left sides and press SPACE to shoot. In total you will have 3 lives, you will follow how many lives are left on the screen at the top left of the screen.

You will earn 50 points from each enemy that you have destroyed, and you will check the status of SCORE at the top left of the screen. The enemy will gradually approach your side, you will have to destroy them one by one before they reach to win the game. Don’t forget! You are single and they will be more than one on one hand to the enemy while on the other hand you will escape from their fire. After moving carefully and fast, you will win the game by not giving the enemy an opportunity. Good luck…


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