Speed Runner

After pressing the PLAY button, you will enter the name you want to use in the PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME box, and then press Z to enter the Speed ​​Runner by pressing the CLICK HERE TO PLAY button. Use the left and right arrow keys to move the character, scroll the character with the down arrow key, jump with the Z key and X will also hook the wall hook. Your goal in the game is to save the prisoners. So what comes to the front of the one hand on the other hand will be broken by throwing rope to climb. In this way you will earn points and proceed to the finish line. The section will last 50 seconds to finish. If you cannot reach the finish line during this time, the time bomb will explode and you will lose the game. That’s why the main goal in the game is to be fast. I mean, you’ll be as fast as you can ! Good luck.


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