Sports Head Tennis

The name of the game you are going to play now is Sports heads Tennis. After you click on the Play button, you will click on the NEW GAME, then select your team and start playing tennis. If you’ve played this kind of game before, you should know what to do in tennis. We’ll still tell you how to play tennis.

First of all, you will play the game with the arrow keys and the space key on your keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move the tennis player and use the space key to serve. After serving, your opponent will try to meet the ball. If your opponent is unable to meet the ball, the number you score will be written to your score and you will have your opponent score. If you can’t use the service and the ball falls on your own field, a number will be written to the opponent’s house. You will see the score in the center of the screen. From time to time on the screen you will see some icons that give you plus functions. You’ll have to buy them to be strong against your opponent. Yeah, that’s all you have to do. We wish you good luck fighting your opponent.


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