Sports Heads Volleyball

Name of the game Sports Heads Volleyball. Press the PLAY button, if you want to play the game, you click directly new game button, if you want to play with your friend, you click 2 Player button, you will enter the game. As you can tell from the name, the game is a volleyball game. If we tell you a little bit about volleyball, there will be a net in the middle of the court. You will try to drop the ball into the opponent’s field by overtaking the net. When you throw the ball, your opponent will respond to you in the same way. You’re going to try to stop this by putting pressure.

On the game screen you will see icons like lightning, ball, and you will get them to get stronger. You will follow the score in the center of the screen. Move the player with the arrow keys and press Space to throw the ball. Before entering the game you will be told which keys to play. Good luck.


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